girl holding phone and debit card

Debit Card

Get access to your funds anytime, anywhere with the Great Plains Bank VISA® Debit Card

Debit CardGreat Plains Bank VISA®
debit card provides
convenient access
to your funds at any
point-of-sale terminal
that displays the VISA® symbol.
Debit Card Activation/PIN Change: (833) 566.5246
After Hours Debit Card Support Center: (833) 995-2881

Shop Conveniently with the GPB Debit Card in your Mobile Wallet!

Your Great Plains Bank Visa® debit card can be securely stored on your eligible mobile device through either Apple Pay™, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay™!
Once your device is set up, you will be able to securely and conveniently pay for purchases on apps or within stores by holding your mobile phone, tablet or smart watch next to a contactless card reader offered at millions of locations across the United States. And don’t worry, your card information is securely stored within your device and is never shared with merchants during transactions.
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