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Homegrown. Home-owned.

Our beginnings are quite humble. When our great state turned the corner from territory to statehood in 1907, we too began our existence as The Groves National Bank of Hollis, Oklahoma. 

As the years passed, the name of our bank evolved and the area we served began to grow. But our roots in friendly, community banking remained the same. In time, our territory added banks in communities across Oklahoma and Texas. 

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Emergency Banking Act was passed by President Roosevelt to stabilize the nation’s financial system. This resulted in a four-day banking holiday, allowing the Federal Reserve Banks time to issue new currency on good assets. So when banks reopened, they could meet every legitimate call, and restore faith in the nation’s banking system. We were one of the few banks given permission to remain open during this time, which we did. This privilege allowed us to meet the needs of our customers, and cemented our values in supporting our communities.

Although we started small with roots in the agricultural industry – that we still proudly support – we’ve also embraced commercial and industrial business ventures. We’ve also grown our features and benefits to service our customers, but we haven’t forgotten what’s made us great. It’s our relationships we create with people, our partnerships we build with communities, and our belief of moving forward – together.