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Variable Rate CDs

Our variable-rate Certificate of Deposits are tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime rate** so you can have the best of both worlds. You get the security of a CD without the stress of having to worry about market timing. Take advantage of this limited time offer today!


13-Month CD - Rate is equal to 30% of Prime**

Floor of 1.35% APY*

30-Month CD - Rate is equal to 50% of Prime**

Floor of 2.25% APY*

Are you interested in opening a CD? Great! The first step is to either:
Visit a Branch
Give us a call: (888) 449.2265
Have us reach out to you
When rates go up, your rate of return rises immediately in response. This isn’t a step-up CD where you will only have one or two opportunities to increase your rate – your rate will increase automatically whenever Prime increases during your term with no upper limit.
With floors of 2.25% for the 30-Month term CD and 1.35% for the 13-Month term CD, you get the upside without the risk.

**As published daily in the Wall Street Journal 

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum of $1,000 . Penalty imposed for
early withdrawal. Ask a representative for more details.

Rates effective as of