Our BusinessManager® program provides a solution for your business' cash flow problems by putting your operation on an all cash basis. With our help, your organization will no longer have to wait to get paid and will have greater flexibility to grow.  

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BusinessManager® is ideal for organizations that are experiencing high-growth. We can help alleviate the stress of managing cash flow during these high-growth phases by funding your invoices in as little as the next day. Our goal is to help your business grow and become financially stable. 


  • Improve cash flow – With predictable cash flow, you can make payroll, remit payables on time, increase inventory, and pursue new business opportunities. 
  • Offer financing options to your customers – Sharpen your competitive edge by offering flexible payment terms. You win and your customers win.
  • Improve collections – You can choose to use the bank’s presence on customer correspondence, reducing bad debt.
  • Save time and money – Take advantage of prompt payment discounts from suppliers and get back to doing business.
  • Manage your operations – Track receivables with detailed reports, reduce or eliminate debt, maintain a liquid working capital position, and prevail in seasonal fluctuations


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